Why Train with Skills Builder Pro?

We believe that training must lead to improved skills, greater competency, and better performance. Our training systems deliver on that promise.

Adult Learning Methodology
We take adult learning principles and apply them across all training formats so learners get the training they need in a way they want to learn.

Teach a full day of training in the traditional way or easily divide into micro-learning sessions. Adapt to busy schedules, yet maintain course continuity and integrity.

Turnkey Programs
All the materials trainers need in one package - Trainer’s Guide with prep notes, trainer’s tips, presentation slides, pre-assignment, pre- and post-tests, all student materials. All packed with case studies, activities, role plays, self-reflection surveys, discussions, and exercises.

Increase the value of your training with our tailor-made courses. We’ll build a unique course to match your business needs, skill requirements, and budget.

Flexible Pricing and Packaging
Build just the offering you need. Then, enjoy flexible pricing and volume discounts based on the number of students you need to train, course duration, and delivery format. Special bundled packages include a free audiobook learning system with each matching classroom course.