Trainers' Selection Criteria

SBP Authorized Trainers conduct professional, high-value classroom training experiences that engage learners, incorporate a variety of training techniques, and inspire life-long learning that lead to measurable workplace performance improvements.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Required education level:  University degree 
  • Successful completion of the SBP Authorized Trainer Workshop
  • Minimum 3 years workplace experience in the learning path of choice, supervisory or higher capacity a plus: 
  1. Career Counseling and Coaching 
  2.  Workplace Soft Skills
  3.  Customer Service
  4.  HR/Talent Development
  5.  Management
  6.  Sales
  7.  Marketing
  8.  Administrative Support

Minimum 2 years training experience working with adult learners using interactive and engaging training methodologies

Technical and Soft Skills

  • Good understanding of primary soft skills and the role they play in career development and long-term success
  • Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite, or equivalent, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • KWP Certified Workplace Professional, KWP-WP, credential desired

Professional Qualities and Skills

  • Demonstrates a strong command of the course subject matter and ability to weave in personal experiences to enrich the learner outcomes.
  • Displays a strong work ethic and self-leadership through a high commitment to work and a verified ability to work independently and on teams with limited direction
  • Demonstrates a customer service mentality and a genuine desire to help learners achieve success 
  • Demonstrates an understanding of adult learning styles and training methodologies and incorporate appropriately into all training activities.
  • Demonstrates a passion for and commitment to the course topics and the training profession in general
  • Presents a neat, professional image that fosters credibility in the minds of the learners and serves as a role model the participants want to emulate. 
  • Demonstrates effective managerial skills including good time-management, appropriate decision-making, conflict-sensitive problem-solving, and anticipatory behavior 
  • Uses exceptional communication skills including active listening, effective questioning techniques, strong awareness of non-verbal communication cues and behaviors, and clear written communication
  • Demonstrates excellent platform and facilitation techniques, including the ability to manage large group interactions, draw out thoughts and ideas from others, synthesize what the learners say so that it is meaningful for all, and rely on a friendly, but firm style that cuts short irrelevant questions, conversations, and discussions.
  • Demonstrates the ability to maintain class order without compromising the open and interactive classroom atmosphere. 
  • Takes initiative and demonstrates the imagination to breathe life into the learning activities.    

Personal Attributes

  • Friendly, out-going personality and comfortable in a variety of situations
  • Organized, detail-oriented, and decisive
  • Flexible and able to adapt quickly to change
  • Diplomatic, fair-minded, and respectful
  • Confident public speaker and classroom facilitator. 

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