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The Skills Series

  • Personal Skills Builder
    Invest some quality time on yourself. Strengthen your inner qualities and be ready to embrace a new career. 
  • Career Skills Builder
    Your career starts now. Have you just graduated? Eager to try a career in a new field? Maybe you’re returning to the workplace after a time away. So many life events can lead to a fresh start. So, let’s begin now. 
  • Workplace Skills Builder
    Every employee. Any organization. Any industry. Anywhere. The workplace skills and concepts on this learning path are fundamental for your day-to-day responsibilities and long-term career success. From communication skills to co-worker relationships to conceptual thinking, follow this path to professionalism.
  • Job Skills PRO
    Master the skills you need to excel in your career of choice and be ready to work on your very first day. On this path, you’ll learn the details about what it takes to do the job. 

The Professional Series

  • Small Business Builder
    As an entrepreneur and small business owner, you juggle every part of your business. Build a solid foundation in the basics of business management, embrace the opportunities of the online world, and position yourself for growth. 
  • Management Pro
    From fundamental supervision to advanced concepts in business management, develop the management savvy you need to lead others and achieve your organization’s vision. Whether you are a new manager or have been carrying management responsibilities for a while, follow this path. 
  • Marketing Pro
    Marketing has emerged as one of the most dynamic disciplines that impact every corner of the business. Follow this path to build a solid marketing foundation, and then learn how to use, manage, and thrive in the online marketplace.
  • Sales Pro
    Professional salespeople are always in high demand. Why? Because they build customer relationships, drive revenue, and contribute directly to the bottom line every day. Follow this path to develop your skills and get in step with the latest customer-focused sales strategies.
  • Talent Development Pro
    No other role has seen such dramatic change as that of the human resources professional. Referring to this role as Talent Development is one tangible indication of this change. Follow this path to build a solid framework and create up-to-date programs that lead to employee and organizational excellence.