Staying Calm Under Pressure

Learning Path: Workplace Skills Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Work can get extremely busy. You work hard to balance the priorities, juggle your tasks, and get along with difficult people. It’s naturally stressful, and it’s not always negative stress. However, when it starts to get tough, it’s helpful to have some skills you can rely on that can help you create more balance. These same skills will help you grow through the experience and help advance your career.
This course will walk through the causes and costs of workplace pressure. You’ll learn how to identify your pressure points and apply techniques to help you manage through the time. You’ll learn how to apply emotional intelligence, increase your optimism, and bounce back with resilience.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify their pressure points and understand the costs of stress
  • Define and apply the concepts of emotional intelligence, resilience, and optimism
  • Develop a personal stress management kit
  • Manage anger and the emotions of others
  • Focus on priorities and achieve defined goals

Target Audience 
People having stressful jobs or passing through stressful time in their career.

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Identifying the Causes and Costs of Workplace Pressure
Facing the Pressure
Creating Balance Has Its Benefits
Is the Pressure Getting to You?
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Two: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Identify Your Pressure Points
Be Proactive and Take Action
Set Your Goals with SPIRIT
It’s OK to Ask for Help
Unit Three: Understanding Emotional Intelligence
The Seven Human Emotions
Reading the Emotional Map
Handling the Emotions in Others
Become an Optimist
Be Resilient
Unit Four: Building Your Stress Management Toolkit
Techniques to Cope
Manage Your Anger
Expressing Yourself
Four Steps to Assertive Communication
Unit Five: Setting Your Priorities
Balance “Must” and “Nice”
Do It!

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