Managing Risk

Learning Path: Talent Development Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Risk management has been an integral part of project management for a long time, and organizational best practices include risk management skills. Businesses realize that effective risk management reduces negative impacts of crises. You will see that risk management also provides cost savings and others benefits.

The risk management framework you will study is easily applicable to any organization. You can use the framework for a single project or as a basis for an enterprise-wide risk management strategy.

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Learning Objectives

  • The definition of risk and risk management
  • The ISO 31000 and COSO ERM cube
  • How to establish a context for risk management
  • The framework of risk management activities formed by the 7 Rs and 4 Ts
  • Learn how to design and complete a basic risk assessment
  • Effective responses to risks and how to plan
  • Key components of monitoring, reporting, and evaluating a risk management program

Target Audience 
Managers, business owners, and decision makers.


Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Understanding Risk and Risk Management
What’s Your Risk Tolerance?
Pre-Assignment Review
Defining Key Terms
Two Standard Models
Risk Management Tasks
Unit Two: Assessing Your Risks
Develop Your Risk Assessment Process
Case Study: General Motors (Part I)
Unit Three: Responding to Your Risks
The Four Ts of Risk Response
Case Study: General Motors (Part II)
Unit Four: Identifying and Evaluating Risk Controls
Case Study: General Motors (Part III)
Unit Five: Reaction Planning
Identify the Worst-Case Scenario
Case Study: General Motors (Part IV)
Unit Six: Risk Management Monitoring and Reporting
Unit Seven: Reviewing and Evaluating Your Framework
Develop Your Review Checklist
Take It Back

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