Bridging the Generation Gap

Learning Path: Talent Development Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

In years gone by, two or, perhaps, three generations worked side-by-side. Today five generations of people share the workplace for a wide range of reasons. Twenty-first-century economic realities make early retirement unrealistic for most. At the same time, people are living longer with healthier, vibrant lives and would like to stay at work. Thus, we have workers from multiple generations vying for jobs and getting along with people with diverse backgrounds, value sets, and professional goals. Some characterize this as a clash of the generations. Others characterize it as an opportunity to find the right people to fill vacancies and leverage the knowledge that each worker uniquely brings to bear.
In this course, we will examine the myths, realities, and opportunities associated with the generation gap. We will examine the issue as both a generational gap conflict and as an employee recruiting and retention issue. Recruiters and succession planners, in particular, need to define and address this challenge. While this workshop encourages participants to embrace the diversity, we recognize that there is a gap to bridge. We’ll explore problems, solutions, and strategies to help bridge these gaps. 

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify generation gap issues as they arise in the workplace
  • Describe the impact a multi-generation workforce has on today’s organizations
  • Understand the language applied to each generation and overcome common stereotyping
  • Examine strategies to overcome gap issues
  • Evaluate recruiting, retention, and succession planning in the context of multiple generations in the workplace

Target Audience 
Those who want to create a workplace environment that fosters collaboration, inspires performance, and adapts to changing conditions


Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Putting the Generation Gap in Proper Perspective
A High-Level Overview
Finding Common Ground
What’s the Underlying Issue?
Unit Two: Exploring the Generation’s Times
How About This for a Gap? – Pre-Assignment Review
Sweeping Generalizations
Unit Three: Recruiting that Bridges the Gap
Employee Benefits across the Ages
Unit Four: Tailoring Your Recruitment Ads
Know What You Want and How to Get It
Unit Five: Succession Planning in a Nutshell
Six Ingredients in Succession Plans
The Role of Coaching and Mentoring
Unit Six: Developing Targeted Retention Strategies
Retention Considerations for Boomers
Pulling Things Together
Unit Seven: Filling in the Gaps
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