Small Business: Writing the Business plan

Learning Path: Small Business Builder

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Business owners and entrepreneurs who thrive in their business have a clear idea of their business strategy and a solid business plan to guide the way. This workshop walks through the essential parts of the business plan and how to organize those elements into a business plan document. We cover all essential steps in the process identifying the audience, gathering information, describing product plans, and building a budget. We will also examine the marketing and sales cycles, highlighting critical considerations that the business plan will address. Participants will feel energized and ready to write their business plan.

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Learning Objectives

  • Research and analyze the individual parts of a business plan
  • Understand how to adapt the business plan for different stakeholders and audiences
  • Clearly explain your business vision and strategy in terms stakeholders will understand
  • Use correct accounting terms to describe their business model and financial goals
  • Describe your marketing, sales, and distribution strategies

Target Audience 
Business owners and entrepreneurs

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Establish a Business Plan Framework
Do You Need a Business Plan?
Create Your Business Plan Framework
Your Business Values, Vision, and Mission – Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Two: Identify Your Audience
Who Are You Writing For?
4 Critical Cs of Writing
Unit Three: Gather and Analyze Information
Unit Four: Define Your Company
Identify Your USP
Write Your Company Description
Describe Your Products and Services
Conduct a Market Analysis
Develop an Operations Plan
Types of Operations
Unit Five: Let’s Start Writing
Unit Six: Create a Marketing Strategy
The Marketing Cycle
Step 1: Market Analysis
Step 2: Analyze the Competition and Find Your Advantage
Step 3: Analyze Distribution Channels
Step 4: Create the Marketing Plan
Steps 5 and 6: Implementation and Continuous Review
Put Social Media in the Mix
Unit Seven: Create the Sales Plan
Build Your Sales Force
The Sales Cycle
Unit Eight: Develop Financial Projections
Understand Basic Accounting Terms
Basic Reports
Calculate Your Financial Projections
Unit Nine: Bring It All Together
Write the Executive Summary
Make a Strong Presentation
Add the Finishing Touches
Review and Revise

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