Building an Online Business

Learning Path: Small Business Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

The Internet has become a primary channel to shop, learn, play, socialize with others, and work. It has forever changed how we interact with the world around us and up-ended traditional business models. The opportunities for new ventures are limited only by imagination and initiative. Whether you plan a part-time venture or the next million-dollar enterprise, this one-day course is the start you need. While this presents strategies for the small business, any business thinking about moving online will benefit from the course. You will learn what that you need to start and build a successful online business.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe the unique characteristics of an online business
  • Find support resources to help launch your business
  • Describe your business strategy
  • Create the business plan, budget, and marketing plan
  • Begin designing your website and mobile presence with e-commerce support
  • Consider the physical resources you may need to distribute products and services
  • Decide the merits of joining an online marketplace
  • Use social media to market your online business

Target Audience
Entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Welcome to the World of Online Business
Unit Two: Bringing Your Business Idea into Focus
What’s Your Idea?
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Three: Developing Your Business Plan
Do I Need One?
Gather Your Resources
Unit Four: Filling in Your Plan Details
Create Your Marketing Plan
Create Your Financial Projections
Raise Capital with Crowdfunding
Unit Five: Getting Down to Business
Set Up the Basics
Create Your Website
Check Out the Sites
Decide Your E-Commerce Options
Create a Mobile Presence
Consider Joining Online Marketplaces
Unit Six: Internet Marketing Basics
Use Social Media with Purpose
Build Relationships

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