Smart Sales Proposals and Presentations

Learning Path: Sales Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

You don't need a fancy sales presentation to impress a client with your technical skills. You establish a good impression is establish with your knowledge of your products and services and how well you understand the client's problems and the solutions you are offering them.
Today, you will learn how to a make a winning proposal and how to produce an outstanding sales presentation.

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Learning Objectives

  • Know how to identify the vital parts of a good proposal
  • Know how to leave a lasting impression, including professional dress and handshake technique
  • Reduce anxiety and develop professional face-to-face presentations
  • Gain the skills for writing winning proposals

Target Audience 

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Getting Down to Business
Business Writing Basics
Sales Proposal Styles
Unit Two: Before Your Start Writing the Proposal
Clarify the Proposal Purpose
Analyze Your Proposal Audience
Evaluate the Reader’s Knowledge
Prepare the Proposal Template
Unit Three: It’s Time to Write
Getting Your Thoughts on Paper
Determine the Basic Proposal Format
Structure the Proposal
Tips for Writing the Draft
Tips for Expert Editing
Unit Four: Getting Ready for Your Presentation
Practice Makes Perfect
Use Persuasive Language
Dress Appropriately for that First Impression
Unit Five: Presenting Like a Pro
Be Aware and Be Prepared
Your Initial Impression
The Rule of Twelve
Unit Six: Applying What You Learn – The Sales Presentations

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