Smart Objection Handling: Getting to Yes

Learning Path: Sales Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Perhaps you are like many sales professions and are always trying to find new ways to get past customer objections. We designed this workshop to do just that. You will learn new ideas to help you meet these objections and work through them. This workshop will also help you to anticipate any objections customers might have. So, when customers raise concerns during the sales conversation, you are ready to discuss confidently. You will also learn how to reduce the number of objections you run into, as well as make gains in the number of sales you can close.

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the steps you can take to build your credibility.
  • Identify the objections that you encounter most frequently.
  • Develop appropriate responses when prospective buyers throw you a curve.
  • Learn ways to disarm objections with proven rebuttals that get the sale back on track.
  • Learn how to recognize when a prospect is ready to buy.
  • Identify how working with your sales team can help you succeed.

Target Audience 

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Establishing Your Credibility
Unit Two: Understanding Your Competition
Unit Three: Critical Communication Skills
Active Listening
Powerful Questions
Unit Four: Using Your Observation Skills
Unit Five: Handling Customer Complaints
Unit Six: Overcoming Objections
What are Objections?
Attitude Check!
Pre-Assignment Review
Basic Techniques
How Can Teamwork Help Me?
Unit Seven: Dealing with Price Issues
Unit Eight: Getting to “Yes”
Recognize Buying Signals
Closing the Sale
Top Fifteen Activities That Make You Successful at Closing the Sale

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