Pump Yourself Up

Learning Path: Personal Skills Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Having a wholesome self-esteem is vital for achieving success and personal growth. Your self-assessment is the most important judgment task you will make in your life. Sharp and unreasonable self-criticism is neither healthy nor productive. In this seminar, you will use proven techniques that might improve your approach to the world, your rate of achievement and perhaps how you feel about yourself.

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Learning Objectives

  • Maximize self-worth and feel worthy of happiness
  • Eliminate Unproductive thoughts and replace them with positive messages
  • Convert negative thoughts to positive motivations
  • Build confidence to ask for what they want
  • Establish goals to reflect your dreams and ambitions
  • Reinforce healthy thought patterns

Target Audience 
New graduates and workers who want to build self-confidence

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Understanding Self-Esteem
What Is Self-Esteem?
Some Helpful Background
Putting Self-Esteem in Perspective
Unit Two: Setting the Foundation
Stop Sharing Negative Thoughts
Perfection Is a Myth
Unit Three: Building Your Self-Esteem
Create Positive Impressions
Boost Your Ego
Unit Four: Eleven Techniques That Build Confidence
Unit Five: Using the Power of Thought
Toss Out Negative Thoughts
Tarik’s Negative Thinking
Unit Six: Asking for What You Want
Tips to Get Results
Unit Seven: Creating What You Want
Identify Your Dreams
My Dreams and Goals

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