Get the Stress Out

Learning Path: Personal Skills Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Ask many people today about their lives and many will report high levels of stress and insecurity. Many workers will say that they are not understood at work and feel burned out in their jobs. These feelings seem to prevail at all organizational levels. Many people feel overwhelmed by the demands of the workplace combined with the demands at home. While stress is normal, for many it has become too much to handle. In this workshop, we will explore what causes stress and suggest strategies and techniques to get the stress out.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand that stress is an unavoidable
  • Recognize the signs when they are feeling stress overload
  • Change the things they can change
  • Handle the situations and others’ behaviors that they can’t change
  • Create a plan of action to reduce and manage stress at home and work

Target Audience 
People suffering from stress either on the professional level or the personal level.

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Understanding Stress and Its Impact
What Is Stress?
What’s Your Stress Level
Unit Two: What’s the Root Cause of Stress Today?
Unit Three: Building a Solid Foundation
Four Pillars to Manage Stress
Lessons to Lower the Stress
Unit Four: Strategies to Change Your Mind
Three Factors at Play
Use the Triple-A Approach
Unit Five: Handling Stress at Work
Avoiding the Stress Tax
Take a Stress Inventory
Finding Some Solutions
Log Your Stress
Unit Six: Time Management Tips
Unit Seven: Handling Stress at Home
Budget Basics
Managing Everyday Life
Let’s Get Organized
Unit Eight: Applying What You Learn -Drainers and Fillers

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