A Primer on Emotional Intelligence

Learning Path: Personal Skills Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Emotional intelligence (EQ), describes awareness and management of emotions and relationships. It's a critical factor in achieving professional and personal successes. IQ, or intelligence quotient,  may help you land a job. However, your EQ will determine how successful you are in life. It defines how you interact with others and manage emotions. These relationship emotions are yours and those of others. 

We have all heard and worked with really smart people. Some of them were impressive. Others did not live up to expectations. Those who are especially difficult to work with teach us more than we might realize. People who have an impact and inspire us, do so at a personal and emotional level. What makes them different was not IQ, but EQ – their emotional intelligence.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define emotional intelligence
  • Know the connection between physical and emotional health
  • Understand the emotional intelligence role in the workplace
  • Recognize different emotions and how to manage them
  • Develop a personal vision statement
  • Understand the difference between pessimism and optimism
  • Validate others' emotions

Target Audience
 All professionals and managers

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: A Brief History of Emotional Intelligence
Defining Emotional Intelligence
Unit Two: Understanding the Elements of the EI Blueprint
Unit Three: Understanding Optimism and Pessimism
What Is Optimism?
The ABC’s of Optimism-A Framework to View an Issue
Pessimism vs. Optimism
Reacting to Adversity
Unit Four: Responding to Emotions in Others
Unit Five: Understanding Emotional Power
The Seven Human Emotions
Working with Positives and Negatives
Reading the Emotional Map
Unit Six: Understanding Your Principles and Values
What Is Your Vision of Yourself?
Understanding Your Values
Consider Your Talents
What Stands in Your Way?
Think about Relationships
Create Your Personal Vision Statement

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