Using Social Media for Brand Building

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Your brand represents your organization, its products and services. In this modern day of widespread Internet usage, it is crucial that your brand has a clearly defined, consistent, and responsive presence.
This course will help you build a brand through social media, whether you intend to build an original brand or strengthen an existing one. The scope of the course encompasses building a social media strategy, identifying appropriate social media platforms, designing strong messages that will attract the attention of your target audience, and the continuous evaluation and review of strategy.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define the terms associated with social media branding
  • Create a social media strategy for their brand
  • Evaluate various social media platforms and identify the platforms that suit their brand
  • Engage in effective communication over social media
  • Handle criticism and negative feedback
  • Create a social media outline to guide brand representatives
  • Conduct an evaluation and review of your strategy

Target Audience
Marketing and Brand Managers, Executives and Digital Media Specialists

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Setting the Social Media Context
What Is Branding?
What Is Social Media?
Unit Two: Building the Strategy
The Five Elements of a Social Media Branding Strategy
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Three: Identifying Your Audience
Unit Four: Choosing the Right Platforms
Get to Know Your Social Channels
Unit Five: Creating Brand-Centric Messages
What’s in a Message?
Handling Negative Feedback
Building Customer Trust
Unit Six: Developing Social Media Guidelines
Unit Seven: Reviewing Progress and Revising Your Plan

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