The Building Blocks of Customer Relationship Management

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Through this course, we will analyze the different aspects of customer relationship management (CRM) and discuss who the customers are. We will look at the key areas of CRM and how it can be integrated into an organization.
Similar to other types of review, a CRM review means that learners need to analyze technical and complicated systems. Through this single-day course, you will be presented with a lot of information sorted into the basics required to make CRM decisions, the benefits of CRM, and how you should undertake CRM.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the terms and benefits of CRM to a company’s structure and success
  • Identify the different parts of a CRM plan
  • Create a checklist that lets you look at CRM readiness and success
  • Explain how CRM is valuable to both organizations and customers
  • Look at factors that impact CRM in the biggest way

Target Audience 
Marketing and Customer Services Managers

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Introducing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
What Is CRM?
Who Does CRM Serve
Different Faces of CRM
Customer Loyalty Programs
Who is the Customer?
Unit Two: Checklist for Success
CRM Readiness Evaluation
Customer Privacy Issues
Unit Three: Understanding the Requirements for CRM Tools
Requirement-Driven Product Selection
Determining Product Functions You Need to Meet Demand
Unit Four: Considerations for CRM Tool Selection
What CRM Functionality Do You Need?
Getting Information In and Out
Unit Five: Strategies for Customer Retention
Getting More from Your Current Customers
Customer Personas
Unit Six: Building for the Future
Roadblocks You Might Face
Selling CRM to Colleagues
Unit Seven: Homegrown Tools or Application Service Provider
A Broad Look
A Closer Look
Unit Eight: The CRM Development Team
Unit Nine: Evaluating and Reviewing Your Program
Customer Life Cycles
Evaluating and Reviewing CRM

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