Smart Social Media Marketing

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Social media marketing is a continuous process of identifying your audience, getting their attention, and keeping them engaged. Then, when they need your product or service, they think of your brand. This rapidly evolving channel can be overwhelming. But, it can be a significant part of your overall marketing strategy.
If you are developing a new social media strategy or improving one that is already in place, this workshop will bring you up to date on the latest trends. You’ll explore major social media sites, emerging specialty sites, and the wide variety of social media management tools to help you measure results. Of primary importance, you will learn how to develop a social media plan that complements and supports your overall marketing strategy. You’ll determine what people and resources you need to bring your social media marketing efforts to life.

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Learning Objectives

  • Describe the fit and value of social media in their overall marketing strategy
  • Create and launch a social media plan
  • Select the right team and allocate appropriate resources to support the goals
  • Use social media to build an internal community
  • Identify key metrics and trends to monitor
  • Monitor and address negative messages
  • Decide the value of blogs in their social media plan

Target Audience 
Marketers, digital marketing managers.

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Setting Your Social Media Foundation
What is Social Media?
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Two: Understanding the Marketing Mix
Applying the Five Ps of Marketing
Unit Three: Developing Your Social Media Plan
Seven Guidelines
Set Guidelines for Employee Utilization
Calculate the Value of Social Media
Unit Four: Building and Guiding Your Social Media Team
Who’s on Your Social Media Team
Understand the Role of Community
Unit Five: Building Internal Communities with Social Media
Being Social Has Its Benefits
Make it Work
Unit Six: Monitoring Your Progress
Pay Attention to Interactions
Watch Your Trends
Time It Right
Unit Seven: Staying on Top of the Trends
Unit Eight: Damage Control
Pay Attention!
Handling Negative Social Messages
Unit Nine: Using Facebook to Advantage
Set Up Your Page
Build Your Community
Reach Deeper into Facebook
Unit Ten: Using LinkedIn to Advantage
LinkedIn Essentials
Set Up Your Accounts
Get Connected
Unit Eleven: Using Twitter to Advantage
Get Tweeting
Making it Memorable
Using Lists and Streams
Unit Twelve: Creating and Managing a Blog Site
Should You Blog?
Follow These Basic Guidelines
Help People Find You
What Will I Write About?
Planning Your Blog
Vlogs and YouTube
Unit Thirteen: Meet the Specialty Sites
Unit Fourteen: Meet Social Media Management Tools
Unit Fifteen: Launching Your Plan

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