Smart Brand Management

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Your brand is the boat that sails your products and services into your client’s life and becomes a part of who they are. A good brand has a lot more to it than a flashy logo and clever text. Your brand is made to showcase your product’s heart and soul, as well as offer a guarantee that you can satisfy.
In this course, you will learn the skills needed to create a powerful brand. Day one examines the basics of branding, including tips on how to create a visual identity. We also provide you with several graphic design ideas. These will help you clearly your branding goals to someone like a professional designer. On day two, we offer pointers on getting your brand out in the marketplace in the most effective way possible. We also discuss ways to monitor and evaluate your brand’s impact in the market. These tools will ensure that your brand continues to stay bright and competitive.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define the characteristics of a strong brand
  • Understand the purpose of brand management
  • Define the different kinds of brand architecture and give an example of brand extension
  • Describe your brand’s product, key features and values
  • Craft a mission statement, including brand elements like its vision and style
  • Explain the basic steps to follow in brand positioning
  • Understand each step required for crafting a visual identity, brand name, slogan, and title
  • Guide your employees how to live up to the brand image by encouraging
  • Teach your employees how to play the role of ambassador
  • Plan an effective launch campaign for your brand
  • Monitor and analyze your brand, and understand how to react to the results

Target Audience 
Marketers and Brand managers

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Defining Brands and Branding
What Makes a Strong Brand?
Unit Two: What Are You All About?
Identify Your Products and Features
Identify Your Company Values
Unit Three: Create a Brand Mission
What’s in a Mission Statement
Unit Four: Create a Vision for the Future
Unit Five: Position Your Brand
Identify Your Ideal Position
Work It Out
Unit Six: Develop Your Style
Creating a Style Statement
Work It Out
Unit Seven: Develop Your Brand Name and Slogan
The Forward-Facing Elements
Create Your Brand Name
Develop a Powerful Slogan
Unit Eight: Create Your Visual Identity
Graphic Design 101
Choosing Visual Identity
Pop Culture
Unit Nine: Live Your Brand
Turn Your Employees into Ambassadors
Understanding Touchpoints
Unit Ten: Connect with Your Customers
Unit Eleven: Launch Your Brand
Unit Twelve: Give Your Brand a Check-Up
Unit Thirteen: Perform a SWOT Analysis
What Is SWOT?
Sample SWOT Analysis
Unit Fourteen: Measure and Evaluate Brand Health
The Balanced Scorecard
Middleton’s Brand Matrix
Interpret Evaluation Results
Unit Fifteen: Keep the Brand Alive
Brand Refreshing and Re-Launching
Taking on a Total Re-Brand
Case Study
Unit Sixteen: Going Beyond the Brand
Understanding Brand Architecture
Understanding Brand Extension

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