Internet Marketing Primer

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

This course is a good beginning for business owners and people new to marketing to learn the basics of Internet marketing. There is information on how to get started with online marketing and how to measure your results. You will be able to see if you are reaching your ideal clients, where these clients are, and how they interact with your online marketing programs. In one day, you will learn more about search engine optimization, email campaigns, pay per click advertising, and other important strategies.

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Learning Objectives

  • Integrate their Internet marketing strategy with their overall marketing plan
  • Use tools to influence and engage their ideal clients
  • Evaluate the benefits of using a distribution service to market by email
  • Begin search engine optimization for their marketing campaigns
  • Use online advertising to improve their results
  • Use on metrics and reporting to adjust their online strategy

Target Audience 
Business owners and people new to marketing

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: What Is Internet Marketing?
What Does a Web Site Look Like?
Popular Internet Marketing Strategies
Unit Two: Creating Your Internet Marketing Plan
Using What You Have in Place
Navigating the Marketing Cycle
Unit Three: Building Your Online Brand
Having Influence on Buyers
Applying What You Learn
Putting It into Practice
Unit Four: Email Marketing That Gets Read
Getting Your Message Out
Unit Five: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
What is SEO?
Understanding How Search Works
The Top 3 Search Engines
Other Search Options People Use
Optimizing Keywords: The Inside Secret
Watching Your Rank in Search Engines
Unit Six: Online Advertising
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
What PPC Service Should I Use?
Making Commitments

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