Business Writing: Dynamic Web Content

Learning Path: Marketing Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

The Internet has taken over as the primary communication channel. Virtually everyone visits the Internet daily to find out about companies, stay current with the news, buy just about anything, watch a movie, and socialize with their friends. However, people read what they find on the web in very different ways than they read things in print. They engage with the content, follow a variety of links, and share what they find. As such, writing for the web is a very different animal. This one-day course is for people who write for readers on the web.

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Learning Objectives

  • Use techniques that draw readers to your web pages
  • Map your writing so it aligns with your website structure
  • Write content that engages readers
  • Create eye-catching headlines
  • Enhance the content with other forms of media
  • Make your writing open and easy to suit a variety of readers

Target Audience  
People who write for readers on the web

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Discovering Web Dynamics
Web Writing Is a Different Animal!
Web Structure and Design
Influence Others
Unit Two: Designing Your Site
Tips on Creating a Site Hierarchy
Pre-Assignment Review
Menus, Buttons, and Links
Unit Three: Creating Content That Engages
Catchy Headlines
Content Style That Suits the Web
Know the Goals
Unit Four: Walk the Talk
Unit Five: Is It Ready to Go-Live?
What’s Getting Read?
Reviewing and Planning
Unit Six: Enhancing Content with Video and Sound
Unit Seven: Getting the Attention You Deserve
Rising to the Top
Search Engine Optimization
Other Search Options People Use
Optimizing Keywords: The Inside Secret
Balancing SEO and Word Stuffing

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