Using Technology to Advantage

Learning Path: Management Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Technology is key to accomplishing goals in the workplace. Hardware, software, mobile devices, and tech support help us become more productive and achieve company objectives. However, careful management of competing technology components is required to avoid potential pitfalls. This course provides a primer for workplace technology skills that managers must master to maximize success. With knowledge and practice, you can use technology to your advantage. We will cover many features and components of workplace technology in a short period. Each module is easily expandable into full courses themselves. We encourage rising managers to explore these detailed offerings.

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Learning Objectives

  • Make workplaces technology-friendly
  • Maximize productivity through computers, smartphones, IM, email, contact management, and software
  • Interact productively with the IT department
  • Make optimal software and training decisions
  • Build an IT project budget
  • Establish security and privacy procedures
  • Maintain employee health and safety
  • Establish a systems usage policy
  • Implement policies for dealing with company property
  • Deal with technological concerns

Target Audience
Rising managers

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Creating a Technology-Friendly Workplace
Make Technology Your Friend
Ten Ways to Make Technology at Work Fun
SBP Consulting, Part One
Keep Technology in Perspective
Train Your Staff
Work with IT, Not Against Them
Unit Two: Choosing Software Wisely
The 3-Step Process
SBP Consulting, Part Two
Unit Three: Creating an IT Budget
Budget Basics
Cutting the Budget – A Case Study
Unit Four: Managing Security and Privacy Rights
Understand Employee’s Rights
Understand Employer’s Rights
Unit Five: Understanding Uncontrolled vs. Controlled Networks
Unit Six: Setting System Usage Policies
What Is a System Usage Policy?
Sample Internet, Email, and Computer Usage Policy
SBP Consulting, Part Three

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