The Art of Negotiation

Learning Path: Management Pro

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Negotiating is about resolving differences and coming to an agreement. People who master the skills of negotiation find they save time and money. They develop higher satisfaction personally and professionally. They also learn greater respect from others when they learn how to negotiate skillfully.
Negotiating is a basic process in human life. Whether you are building a project or delivering support, this course will give you with a basic skill level to negotiate any situation. This interactive workshop includes techniques for effective communication and provides technique for turning conflict into problem-solving.

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Learning Objectives

  • How common negotiation is and the value of good negotiation skills
  • The importance of preparation regardless of circumstances
  • Various negotiation styles along with the advantages and disadvantages
  • How to deal with tough or unfair tactics
  • How to develop alternatives and recognize options
  • Negotiation principles, including WAP, WATNA, BATNA, and the ZOPA

Target Audience 
Sales professionals and managers.


Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Getting Acquainted with the Basics
What Is Negotiation?
Five Types of Negotiation
Positional Bargaining
Principled Negotiation
Four Phases of Negotiation
Unit Two: Profile of a Successful Negotiator
Key Qualities
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Three: Preparing for the Negotiation
Getting Started
Controlling Your Fears
Get Yourself Mentally Prepared
Research Your Side of the Negotiation
Research the Other Side of the Negotiation
Unit Four: Taking Care of the Details
Prepare Documentation
Set the Time and Place
Unit Five: Making the Right Impression
First Impressions
The Handshake
Dress to Win
The Art of Making Small Talk
Unit Six: Starting the Negotiation
Find Common Ground
Set the Ground Rules
Share Information
Unit Seven: Handling the Bargaining Stage
Six Techniques for Success
Unit Eight: Getting to Mutual Gain
Facing the Obstacles
Overcoming the Obstacles
Unit Nine: Getting Past “No” and onto “Yes”
Six Techniques to Get Past “No”
Breaking an Impasse
Getting to “Yes”
Unit Ten: Dealing with Negative Behaviors
Recognize and Address the Tough Tactics
Defuse the Tension
Unit Eleven: Moving from Bargaining to Closing
Know When to Close
Formal and Informal Agreements
Unit Twelve: Reaching Agreement
Three Possible Outcomes
Building a Sustainable Agreement
Gaining Consensus

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