Smart Meeting Management

Learning Path: Management Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Meetings make up a sizable amount of time during the work week. Whether it’s a large formal meeting, a water cooler chat, a conference session, or a board room discussion, meetings are vital management tools. Too many meetings can get off track due to poor planning and agenda setting. They can also be a waste of time if you hold them just because you set aside the time.

This workshop focuses on small working meetings where the group wants to reach an outcome during their time together. The outcome could be to reach a decision, solve a problem, share information, brainstorm ideas, or one of many other goals. At its best, the group knows what it is about and the job it has to do.
This one-day experience will help you utilize the strengths, energy, talents, and commitment of the meeting participants and conduct smart meetings.

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Learning Objectives

  • Use meetings as an effective, valuable management tool
  • Recognize and use the critical planning steps that make the most of meeting time
  • Identify processes and use tools that help create a safe zone for open discussion
  • Use techniques to handle disruptive behaviors

Target Audience 
Managers of people preparing for Executive Roles

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Setting the Foundation for Smart Meetings
What Does Meeting Success Look Like?
The Best and Worst of Meetings
Unit Two: Leading Productive Meetings
Unit Three: Planning Your Meetings
Unit Four: Setting the Agenda
Unit Five: Setting the Meeting Place
Physical Factors to Consider
Unit Six: Leading a Smart Meeting
Understanding Leadership Responsibilities
Managing Meeting Dynamics
Unit Seven: Meeting Content and Process
What’s the Difference?
Setting Ground Rules
Vary Your Meeting Styles
Master Your Facilitation Skills
Unit Eight: Controlling a Meeting
Dealing with Difficult Dynamics
Unit Nine: Plan for Success-Pre-Assignment Review

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