Coaching and Mentoring Your Team

Learning Path: Management Pro

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

Role model. Mentor. Coach. Guide. Supporter. Do these words sound familiar? When you are a coach, you draw from multiple disciplines. Coaching is a partnership based on giving both support and providing challenges for employees. Mentorship is a related skill and is often a part of coaching. It's about being a guide, offering advice and wisdom when needed.
Knowing when and how to coach and when to use mentoring are essential skills that can benefit you and your organization. In this workshop, you’ll build the skills you need to guide your team toward success and job satisfaction.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of strong written communication
  • Understand how to make your writing clear, concise, correct, and complete through good proofreading
  • Use good writing and communications skills every day
  • Know and use the expected format for business writings like memos, letters and emails

Target Audience 
Administrative and executive assistants or any workplace professional who needs to improve basic writing skills 

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Setting the Context for Coaching and Mentoring
What Is Mentoring?
Matching Mentors
What Is Coaching?
Core Coaching Skills
Pre-Assignment Review
Unit Two: Building Your Interpersonal Communication Skills
The Five Elements of Communication
Asking Questions with Purpose
Using Probing Techniques
Using Active Listening Skills
Unit Three: Developing Your Core Coaching Skills
Unit Four: Setting Achievable Goals
Identifying Your Dreams
Setting Goals with SPIRIT!
Unit Five: Understanding How Adults Learn
Unit Six: Defining the Basic Coaching Model
21 Coaching Techniques You Need
Unit Seven: Giving Effective Feedback
Coaching to Change Behaviors
Unit Eight: Case Studies - Coaching Problems and Solutions

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