The Administrative Assistant

Learning Path: Job Skills Pro

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

It is important to be proud of the work we accomplish and enjoy our jobs. One of the most critical components of a giving us a positive outlook about our job is the relationships we have with our coworkers. While we don’t have to like the people we work with, or report to, we should be able to interact positively with them at the very minimum.
Our work should not be an everyday struggle, and conflicts with coworkers should not take over the office environment. The biggest influence on our job satisfaction is our relationship with others. Over the next two days, we will work on those skills and abilities that will encourage the highest quality work from you and those who work alongside you.

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Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the significance of a professional presence on the job.
  • Know how to manage yourself to become more efficient and effective.
  • Use effective communications skills, including listening, asking questions, writing, and being more assertive.
  • Be more skillful in recognizing and managing conflict in the office and dealing with difficult people.

Target Audience 
Administrative Assistants and co-ordinators

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Becoming Your Professional Best
Appearance Matters
First Impressions Count!
Unit Two: Building Your Self-Esteem
Case Study: Kamaria’s Thinking
Debrief-Misguided Thinking
The Steps to Feeling Good
Unit Three: Appreciating Assertive People
What is Assertiveness?
Quiz and Group Evaluation
Unit Four: Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
Handling Tough Behavior
Unit Five: The Art of Communication
Listening Carefully to Others
Asking Questions
Active Listening
Non-Verbal Communication
Unit Six: Writing Skills
The Four C’s
Perfect Punctuation
Letters and Memos
Unit Seven: Getting Ahead in Your Career
What Employees Want in a Career
What Others Want That You Can Give
Unit Eight: Self-Management
Managing Yourself
Managing Your Time
Organizing Your Work Area
Thinking Ahead
Unit Nine: Setting Goals
Setting Goals with SPIRIT
A Personal Action Plan
Unit Ten: Team Work Essentials
Unit Eleven: Getting Along with Co-workers
Unit Twelve: When You Have to Say “No”
Expressing Your No
Role Play and Case Studies
Unit Thirteen: Handling Stress

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