Managing Conferences and Events

Learning Path: Job Skills Pro

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Creating memorable conference experiences is as much fun for event planners as it will be for your attendees, sponsors, and speakers. Yes, it’s a lot of work. But, when you follow a proven template, pay close attention to all the details, and delegate effectively, you’ll do just fine. You will need to draw upon your creativity, adaptability, organizational skills and roll-up-your-sleeves attitude. But, with the tools and concepts you learn in this workshop, you’ll be ready to host events for fifty, five hundred, even a thousand conference goers.
We will walk you through an event management process, from the first planning steps through final production, and every element in between. While this course is designed for corporate event planning, you can apply these concepts and processes to personal celebrations, retreats, fund raising events and more. You will walk away with tools you can use time and again to create memorable events.

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Learning Objectives

  • Plan a corporate event, including an agenda, budget, venue selection, catering, sponsor relations, destination management, entertainment, and whatever else your event requires.
  • Build and manage the event budget without cost overruns.
  • Determine how an advisory committee and volunteers can contribute along the way and delegate effectively
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that includes a website traditional, and online media
  • Select keynote speakers and a master of ceremonies to add impact to your event.
  • Coordinate the logistics for conference speakers and sponsors
  • Create a memorable on-site customer experience
  • Evaluate and report results after the event.

Target Audience 
Event managers and coordinators and PR managers .

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Building the Event Task List
Identify Key Event Elements
What You Need to Know Up Front
Get Organized
Unit Two: Building the Event Budget
Pre-Assignment Review
Set the Official Budget
Getting Strict About the Budget
Unit Three: Getting the Right People to Help
You Don’t Have to Do It All
Delegate the “Right” Way
Recruit Volunteers
Rely on Professionals to Help
Unit Four: Connecting with Partners and Sponsors
Unit Five: Getting the Word Out
The “Touch” Factor
Plan Attendee Take-Away “Goodies”
Unit Six: Selecting the Venue
Unit Seven: Catering Can Get Confusing
Craft the Menu with Care
Unit Eight: Business Etiquette Basics
The Edge of Etiquette
At Ease!
Unit Nine: Respecting Diversity
Make Everyone Feel Welcome
Celebrating Diversity – A Personal Assessment
Unit Ten: Creating an Atmosphere of Service
Unit Eleven: Selecting Speakers and Special Guests
Consider the Players Carefully
Unit Twelve: Managing Contracts
Unit Thirteen: Gathering Feedback
Get Feedback from Attendees
Get Feedback from Your Client
Designing Feedback
Unit Fourteen: Engaging Your Audience
Unit Fifteen: Show Time!
Event Day Roles
Manage Your Image
Unit Sixteen: Wrapping Up the Event
Prepare the Report
Hold a Post-Event Meeting and Thank Those Involved
Unit Seventeen: Applying What You Learn – Create Your Own Event

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