Principles of Public Speaking

Learning Path: Career Skills Builder

Duration: 2 Day(s).

Course Overview

Excellent public speakers are not born. They develop their skills through training and practice. They share two common traits: refined presentation skills and strong personal confidence. Their confidence comes from being fully prepared and knowledgeable on their topic. They also are confident that their presentation skills will be well-received. During this seminar, students will develop the skills that will improve their public speaking and presentations.

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Learning Objectives

  • Establish a connection with the audience
  • Limit stage fright and nervousness
  • Identify personal presentation strengths and to appeal different audiences
  • Use visual tools to maximize attention and impact
  • Create a professional demeanor
  • Learn to prepare and organize information
  • Prepare, practice, and deliver a short presentation

Target Audience 
New employees, people having difficulties in public.

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Begin with Simple Conversation
Be Conscious of Every “Word”
Five Good Rules to Talk By
Unit Two: Understand Your Temperament
Assess Your Style
Learn to Identify Other’s Temperament
Unit Three: Use Positive Self-Talk
Manage your Thoughts
Think Positive Thoughts
Unit Four: Maximize Meetings
Four Steps to Participate with Confidence
14 Ways to Master a Meeting
Learn to Remember Names
Unit Five: Understand Body Language
Unit Six: Put Yourself and Others at Ease
Unit Seven: Can’t I Just Send an Email?
Advantages of an Oral Presentation
The Orator
Unit Eight: Overcome Your Nervousness
Understand the Source of Nervousness
Master Nonverbal Communication
Unit Nine: Five Points for Any Presentation
Use the Five-S Framework
Unit Ten: It’s Time to Write a Presentation
Organize Your Thoughts
Prepare Your Introduction
After the Opening Statement, What Next?
Transition to the Main Points
Craft Your Ending
Think Fast!
Unit Eleven: Know Your Audience
Unit Twelve: Use Your Speaking Voice
Unit Thirteen: Add Some Spark to Your Presentation
Unit Fourteen: You’re Ready to Speak with Confidence

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