Building Your Career Portfolio

Learning Path: Career Skills Builder

Duration: 1 Day(s).

Course Overview

The job market is changing rapidly due to a number of factors. We are in a global economy. New opportunities are opening up for women. The number of people working out of their homes continues to rise. As more and more companies look for proven skills in their new hires, the competition for good jobs is also increasing.
All these factors have changed the way we look at work and how we need to present ourselves in the job market. This course looks at the concept of presenting yourself as a complete “package.” That package includes a resume to introduce yourself to an employer and expanding that with a portfolio you give at the interview. The final piece is your professional appearance at the interview.
Participants may want to complete the “Jumpstart Your Career” course first. It will help them get the most value from this workshop. Then, they should follow up this course with “Interviewing with Confidence” to get the job they want.

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Learning Objectives

  • Talk about themselves using descriptive words
  • Create and use cover letters and resumes effectively.
  • Understand the role of pre-employment tests.
  • Know what to expect in their industry of choice.
  • Create a unique, eye-catching personal portfolio.
  • Build a plan that helps secure a job in less than 60 days.

Target Audience
Fresh graduates, job seekers or people seeking to change their career.

Course Calendar

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Course Outline

Unit One: Paint Your Ideal Picture
What Is a Job Portfolio?
A Few Good Tips to Start
Unit Two: Creating an Eye-Catching Package
It’s Your Personal Brand
Types of Resumes
Unit Three: Writing the Resume
Essential Elements
Sample Resumes
Unit Four: Writing Your Cover Letters
Essential Elements
Unit Five: Creating Your Portfolio
Essential Parts
Designing Your Personal Portfolio
Unit Six: Dealing with Gaps in Your Resume
Common Gaps in Work History
Pre-Employment Testing
Unit Seven: Sixty Days to a New Job
Unit Eight: Goal Setting
Creating a Plan
Choosing Your References
Unit Nine: Writing Your Thank-You Notes

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