Master Distributors

An SBP Master Distributor benefits from an exclusive and comprehensive geographic scope. The Distributor enjoys the flexibility to penetrate the market as it best serves the client base, regional economic conditions, market stakeholders, and SBP business interests. Working closely with the professional SBP marketing and sales team, we work together to capture market share through strategic accounts, existing relationships, and international reach.

Program Elements

  • Broad, exclusive geographic territory – generally country-wide
  • Represent SBP to resellers, Authorized Training Partners, and corporate enterprises
  • Targeted and protected accounts
  • Highest volume discount levels
  • Highest pre-defined revenue splits for all transactions in your territory
  • Generous finder’s fees for new product and services sales outside your defined territory
  • Services tailored to business goals and objectives
  • SBP Services representation

Primary Requirements


  • One-time initial fee
  • Annual renewal fee, subject to annual audit/review
  • Commitment to contract a minimum number of ATP locations

Sales Compliance

  • Active non-compete agreement
  • Represent at least one learning pathway with all courses in that path
  • Enforce contract commitments of ATP locations in your territory
  • Use standard, SBP-branded marketing materials and follow standard price list

Training Compliance

  • Enforce use of SBP Authorized Trainers only
  • Enforce copyright protection and purchase of new courseware for each new student
  • Enforce submission of all ATP delivered class rosters

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