Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBP?

Skills Builder Pro is a learning library of more than 100 courses for virtual and physical classroom training and audiobook learning systems.

Who publishes the SBP library?

SBP is published by Skilled Now, an integrated solutions provider producing and marketing internationally sanctioned workplace certification standards, training, testing, professional services, and state-of-the-art integrated technology platforms.

What endorsements, recognitions, or accreditations does SBP have?

Our courses have withstood the critical evaluation from outside training evaluators. Skilled Now/SBP has earned international recognition from Burton and South Derbyshire College, a global network of vocational colleges headquartered in London, UK, Chartered Management Institute, an international association for managers serving more than 100,000 members, Highbury College, a prominent vocational college in Portsmouth, UK, and the Institute of Sales Management, an international not-for-profit association for sales professionals serving more than 135,00 members.

What does the course library address?

The courses target the need for developing the soft skills competencies people need to complement their technical skills, find and keep jobs.

What topics/areas does it cover?

The course topics include a blend of personal skills such as goal setting, self-leadership, and productivity; workplace essentials such as communication, conflict management, and accountability; and professional disciplines in marketing, sales, customer service, talent development, and small business management.

In what languages are the courses provided?

English and Arabic, a clear competitive advantage in our region.

In which format can we deliver the courses?

The courses are designed for physical classroom training. In the hands of a professional trainer, they can be delivered online, with adaptations. The modular course structure also adapts to a blended approach.

Audiobook learning systems also parallel selected instructor- led course content, offering a unique experience. The learning system includes the audiobook, available for download from the LMS and include an accompanying learning guide, available for on-demand printing by the learner. The learning guide includes exercises, activities, and case studies so that the learner may pause along the way to practice and apply what they are learning.

ELearning modules: Selected eLearning courses will begin to be released in 2020. These courses will parallel selected instructor-led course content, offering learners the opportunity to learn the same competencies and skills on their own time, at their own pace. Learners will access course registration and participation through the proprietary LMS, where they participate in the course and track progress.

What benefits do enterprises get from SBP?

The SBP library provides content that is based on real workplace challenges. The curriculum design weaves job-centric, behavioral objectives into practical, interactive learning experiences that lead to immediate application on the job. SBP courses are modular by design and customizable. So, you can match the content with your business processes, learning objectives, and learning styles. We can even combine units from several courses into one unique course built just for you. The SBP flexibility and adaptability increase the value of your training and make the most of your training investment.

Pre-tests and pre-assignments help you establish each group's skills gap, and get the learners thinking about the topic before they arrive in class. With the post-test, you'll see immediately which parts of the course were most effective. You'll also discover areas for further development and opportunities to streamline your training curriculum.

The result: Organizational performance increases and you realize the return on your training investment more quickly.

How can I purchase SBP courses?

Skills Builder Pro will be brought to market through Authorized Training Partner, Master Distributor and Reseller Partner Programs and through direct partnerships with government entities, vocational colleges, and universities worldwide.

What learning platform manages the SBP course library?

A proprietary, state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) serves as the technological foundation for the library, providing partners and clients an online platform to access courseware, source Authorized SBP Trainers, and access the open library of learning resources.

How do we determine which courses we need?

Individual knowledge assessments, a KWP/Skilled Now solution offered through SBP, let your employees assess their knowledge across a wide range of the most in-demand skills they need to perform on the job. Each person receives an individualized pass/fail report along with training recommendations to fill the gaps.

How can we validate that the individual has learned the required skills after completing a course?

Each course includes a pre-test and a post-test to measure progress and assess comprehension of the defined concepts and skills at the end of the course. Of course, they will need to practice and reinforce their new skills on the job and enjoy the support of management coaching to build toward mastery.

I’m a Trainer and want to become an authorized trainer. What do I need to do?

Join SBP. Visit our website, register, and submit the required information. Once accepted into the program, you will participate in an Authorized Trainer’s Workshop and earn SBP Authorized Trainer credentials.

What background do SBP authorized trainers have?

Professional, authorized SBP trainers come from around the world. All Trainer’s Hub members are specialists, with work-world experience covering the wide variety of Skills Builder Pro disciplines.

I want to be an SBP Authorized Training Center. What is the selection criteria?

§ Solid Business Record and Training Plan – Including a history of business performance, customer references, and business plan

§ Current Operation – describing your business, including training and overall revenue for the most recent fiscal year, competitive advantage, scope of training and service offerings, number of employees by job function, industry certifications, top three vertical industries within your customer base, and customer service ratings

§ Professional Training Location – including U-shaped or crescent-round business training classroom set up in a quiet, self-contained area of the building, with adequate lighting, computer projection, and enough table or desk space to accommodate 20 students comfortably. Internet access is strongly encouraged for trainer use and recommended for student use in selected classes.

§ Training Plan – including an outline of the business plan to launch and deliver SBP training, annual revenue targets, class registration forecasts, sales and marketing initiatives, training operations and fulfillment process

§ Staffing Plan – including the appointed Authorized Trainers, SBP sales representatives, and account manager, with resumes, qualifications, work experience, and customer references

What benefits will I get as an ATP?

§ Alignment with the leader in job-based business and soft skills training in the region

§ Enriched portfolio to complement your existing training programs and support revenue growth

§ Competitive advantage and shared success

§ Streamlined management support and visibility across the region

What is different about SBP?

Adult Learning Methodology

We take adult learning principles and apply them across all training formats – physical and virtual classroom courses, eLearning modules, and audiobook learning systems – so learners get the training they need in the way they want to learn. All courses are skills-based, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences that lead to better retention. They are filled with activities, exercises, case studies, simulations, and assessments that reinforce learning and ensure that the skills learned can transfer to the workplace.


Teach a full, comprehensive day of training in the traditional way. Or, break the courses into customized modules that you present across multiple sessions and days, in a physical or virtual classroom. The course structure easily adapts as you work with busy schedules and adult attention spans, yet keep course continuity and integrity intact.

Mix and Match Flexibility

Mix and match facilitated training sessions with eLearning modules and audible self-study units for flexible, customizable segments that suit adult learning preferences. The short, interactive units are easily adapted to fit into today’s cafeteria-style learning labs that support short, self-paced learning sessions and maximize group learning experiences.


SBP instructor-led courses are turnkey with all the materials your trainers need in one package. Trainer’s Guide with preparatory notes, trainer’s tips, resource materials, Student Guide, PowerPoint slides, Pre-assignment, Pre- and Post-tests, Certificate of Completion, Personal Action Plan, and Course Evaluation.

Individual Skills Assessment

Assess worker skills competencies and gaps using a variety of assessment tools. Then, fill those gaps with pinpoint training, measured with pre- and post-test assessments.