SBP Authorized Trainer Orientation Workshop

Workshop Overview

Becoming a great trainer is the result of honing your skills to bring information to an audience in a way that will engage, empower, and encourage continued learning and development.  Your students not only learn, but also enjoy the process, retain the knowledge, and use their new skills back in the workplace.

This one-day workshop prepares training professionals to earn SBP Authorized Trainer credentials. We will introduce the SBP training philosophy and methodology, review key principles of adult learning, and walk through the standard SBP course design, structure and best practices. We’ll reinforce classroom management and training logistics, introduce you to the LMS platform and outline administrative requirements to support SBP operational standards. You will become an elite member of the SBP training community upon completion of this workshop.


For: Experienced training professionals seeking SBP Authorized Trainer Status. Also appropriate for trainers representing KWP Career Enhancers who seek authorization status.

Format: Classroom or Virtual Workshop

Duration: 1 day

Workshop Goal

Gain the knowledge necessary to conduct SBP courses with confidence, skill, and enthusiasm.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the SBP competitive and training advantage
  • Outline the SBP learning paths
  • Demonstrate understanding of adult learning styles and best practices
  • Use the SBP Trainer’s Guide and courseware effectively and to standard
  • Use the LMS to correctly implement the SBP requirements for ATP training administration
  • Become an SBP ambassador

Course Outline

Part 1: SBP Foundations

The SBP Experience

    • The SBP job-based training philosophy
    • SBP learning paths and curriculum
    • SBP Knowledge Assessments

Adult Learning Concepts and Practices

    • Adult learning styles and preferences

Part 2: Getting Acquainted with SBP Content and Course Facilitation

  • SBP training specialist responsibilities

SBP Course Resources

  • The Trainer’s Guide
  • The Student Guide
  • The PowerPoint deck
  • Extra resources and course handouts 

Your SBP Trainer’s Guide and Content

  • Structure
  • Trainer Tips
  • Pre-Assignments
  • Pre/Post Tests
  • Icebreakers and Energizers
  • Learner interactivity
  • Personal Action Plan

SBP Professional Facilitation Techniques

  • Establishing the Classroom Environment
    • Physical classroom configurations
    • Training media and the Internet
  • Facilitating the classroom experience

Part 3: SBP Training Technology

  • SBP LMS Portal
  • Trainer access and functionality
  • SBP requirements for managing logistics
    • Pre-class prep and communications
    • Post-class follow-up