The Building Blocks of Marketing Communications

How to Build, Manage, and Measure Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies

Target Audience: new business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals new to the discipline
Listening Time: 3:44
Completion time: 6 ½ hours
Includes Learning Guide – a workbook with exercises, activities, and notetaking so you can practice and apply the concepts as you go.
Price: $25

Course Overview
This audiobook presents strategies for managers and entrepreneurs like you who are responsible for the marketing function at their companies – or are starting a new business and looking for guidance on creating powerful marketing communications materials and a plan to deliver that content.

Table of Contents
Unit 1: The Building Blocks of Marketing
Unit 2: Your Communications Strategy
Unit 3: What Are the Rules of the Road? (use part 4)
Unit 4: Focus Your Messages for Impact
Unit 5: Using Content to Attract Your Audience
Unit 6: Leverage Social Media
Unit 7: Maximizing Your Results
Unit 8: Gather Your Communications Details in One Neat Package
Unit 9: Sharing Information Through Media Releases
Unit 10: Getting Acquainted with Email Marketing
Unit 11: Building Your Contact List
Unit 12: Your Email Marketing Plan
Unit 13: Designing Your Email Strategy
Unit 14: Messaging Mechanics
Unit 15: Bringing Your Email Campaign to Life (use part 1)
Unit 16: Good Habits for Email Managers
Unit 17: So, What Do I Write About?
Unit 18: Subject Lines and Calls to Action
Unit 19: If It Doesn’t Get Measured, It Can’t Be Counted
Unit 20: Your Social Media Foundation
Unit 21: Developing Your Social Media Plan
Unit 22: Choosing the Right Platforms
Unit 23: Creating Brand-Centric Messages
Unit 24: Monitoring Your Progress
Unit 25: Handling Negative Social Messages (use part 2)
Unit 26: Using Facebook to Advantage
Unit 27: Using LinkedIn to Advantage
Unit 28: Using Twitter to Advantage
Unit 29: Social Media Management Tools
Unit 30: Stay on Top of the Trends