Hiring and Keeping the Best People

A Talent Management Guide for Managers

Target Audience: Business managers and human resources professionals
Listening Time: 2:18
Completion time: 6 hours
Includes Learning Guide – a workbook with exercises, activities, and notetaking so you can practice and apply the concepts as you go.
Price: $25

Course Overview
Human resources responsibilities fall on the shoulders of managers and supervisors in all areas of an organization, not just in the human resources department. As a manager, you might take part in job forecasting and job skills analysis, develop job descriptions and participate in the interview process, and manage day-to-day employee performance.

In this audiobook, you will learn about these human resource concepts. We will work through the hiring process, from conducting a skills inventory to interviewing. We will talk about the role of employee orientation and performance management. Finally, we will discuss other common issues that arise during the employment experience. These including managing diversity, conflict, compensation plans, and disciplinary issues.

Table of Contents
Unit 1: Understanding the Basics of Human Resources
Unit 2: Understanding Employee Recruitment and Selection
Unit 3: Job Forecasting and Analysis
Unit 4: Working with Job Requirements
Unit 5: Do You Need to Hire?
Unit 6: Finding Qualified Candidates
Unit 7: Screening Candidates for Interviews
Unit 8: Be Aware of Four Interviewing Traps
Unit 9: Communication Skills for Interviews
Unit 10: Interviewing Job Candidates
Unit 11: Handling Difficult Applicants
Unit 12: Preparing, Conducting, and Assessing the Interview
Unit 13: Checking References
Unit 14: Employee Orientation and Onboarding
Unit 15: Managing Performance Reviews
Unit 16: Managing Attendance
Unit 17: Managing a Diverse Workforce
Unit 18: Understanding Privacy Issues
Unit 19: Working with Compensation and Benefits Programs
Unit 20: Managing Disciplinary Issues