Knowledge Assessments

Learning Is a Lifetime Pursuit 

Unsure what training you need? As you strive to excel in your current job, prepare for a promotion, or reach out for new opportunities, you’ll need to acquire new knowledge and skills to achieve your dreams. As you begin leading others, performance expectations increase. Your employees will look to you for leadership, and your executives will count on you to reach organizational goals.

Are you ready? Do you have the knowledge and skills it takes to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace?
Find out by taking the assessment of your choice – with less than 60 minutes of your time. You’ll receive a personal report that includes a percentage correct score for each core topic, along with a recommended list of courses you can take to bolster your knowledge.


The Knowledge Assessments are provided in partnership with Skilled Matrix, A Skilled Now Solution.


Unsure what training your employees need? Use the knowledge assessments for a team, a department, or enterprise wide. Whether you are facing organizational changes, pressures to improve employee productivity and effectiveness, or increase customer loyalty, start with the assessment. You’ll be able to proceed with confidence that training dollars are spent on developing the specific skill sets that will have the greatest positive impact on performance and deliver overall value to your organization.