Authorized Training Partner


SBP Authorized Training Partner program is a profitable offering for qualified training companies ready to take advantage of the business opportunities in the region. ATPs sell and deliver the courses with SBP authorized trainers, either staff or contract trainers, using SBP authorized courseware. ATPs are required to teach a minimum of 3 classes or 18 students per quarter and uphold the quality and operational requirements as stipulated in the ATP agreement. ATPs may offer classes on a public schedule or on-site at a customer location.

Program Elements

  • Defined, non-exclusive geographic territory
  • Represent SBP to corporate enterprises
  • Volume discount levels
  • Pre-defined revenue splits for all transactions in your territory
  • Finder’s fees for new product and services sales outside your defined territory
  • Services tailored to capabilities and business goals and objectives
  • Learning path representation
  • SBP services representation

Primary Requirements


  • One-time initial fee
  • Annual renewal fee, subject to annual audit/review
  • Commitment to conduct a minimum of three classes and train eighteen students per month

Sales Compliance

  • Active non-compete agreement
  • Represent at least one learning pathway with all courses in that path
  • Use standard, SBP-branded marketing materials and follow standard price list

Training Compliance

  • Use SBP Authorized Trainers only
  • Protect SBP copyright and purchase new courseware for each new student
  • Submit all ATP delivered class rosters

Application Content

  • Solid Business Record and Training Plan – business history
  • Current Operation
  • Professional Training Facility
  • SBP Training Plan
  • SBP Staffing Plan


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