Authorized Training Partner

SBP Authorized Training Partner program is a profitable offering for qualified training companies ready to take advantage of the business opportunities in the region. ATPs sell and deliver the courses with SBP authorized trainers, either staff or contract trainers, using SBP authorized courseware. ATPs may offer classes on a public schedule or on-site at a customer location.

Program Services

In addition to the business advantages and digital marketing support available to all ATP partners as outlined in the ATP Opportunities, you receive the following program services:

  • The rights to represent and teach the contracted Skilled Now courses offered through KWP and/or SBP in your defined, non-exclusive territories.
  • Award of Authorized Training Partner Plaque
  • Professional welcome kit including ATP seal, sales aids, PowerPoint presentation for your customers, FAQs, and digital access to all marketing collateral and content.
  • Branding on the appropriate Skilled Now web sites
  • ATC Locator so prospective customers can find your location easily online
  • One Trainer’s Guide for each pathway/career track you represent
  • Participation in the Authorized Trainer Workshop (SBP 1 day, KWP 2-day)
  • Sales team and training administrator orientation (1/2 day)
  • Direct online access to the Student Guides to print on demand
  • Online administrative reporting, no paper-work
  • Flexible location options – may conduct classes in Authorized ATP Classrooms, hotels, or on-site at customer location
  • The unique ATP Locator service identifies every ATP training location on the SBP and KWP web sites. This Google Maps driven app lets customers quickly and easily find the training location nearest to them, along with your telephone number, street address, and business hours.

Primary Requirements

  • Minimum one dedicated Authorized Training Specialist per pathway/career track and use Skilled Now Authorized Trainers only.
  • Dedicated sales representation.
  • Professional training location that meets the Skilled Now minimum requirements for room size, training technology, and accommodations.
  • Teach a minimum number of learners per quarter using original, official KWP/SBP courseware for each student purchased from the Skilled Now portal.
  • Submit class rosters with learner name, company name, mailing address, and email address. Upon receipt, learners may access their personalized Certificate of Completion. Their one-year free membership to CMI or ISM goes into effect for learners who complete those endorsed courses.
  • Submit course evaluations online from 50% or more of the learners who complete a course to facilitate ongoing course improvements.                                                 

Application Content

  • Solid Business Record and Training Plan – business history
  • Current Operation
  • Professional Training Facility
  • SBP Training Plan
  • SBP Staffing Plan

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